Chihuahua Aggression – 3 Tips To Stop Aggression

Chihuahua AggressionAggressive behavior should always be taken seriously whether your dog is a large breed or a tiny Chihuahua. Aggression in small dogs, like Chihuahuas, is quite common, and while not always the case, the reason is often because their snarling, growling and/or biting isn’t taken seriously enough by their owners.

They either assume that their little dog isnt capable of causing much damage, or worse, think that their behavior is in some way cute and because of this will often refuse to do anything about it.

If your Chihuahua’s aggression has become a problem and you are here to find out what you can do to stop it, then good on you!

This article will show you three effective tips to help make your Chihuahua’s aggressive behavior a thing of the past!

Tip One – Make Sure Your Chihuahua Knows Who The Big Boss Is

Often a Chihuahua will act aggressively because it thinks it’s the boss, or the alpha dog. Dominant behavior will almost always lead to aggression in this or any breed of dog. If your dog is acting like the he’s the boss, it’s time to show him who the top dog really is!

You must be dominant over your Chihuahua and show him that you are someone who commands respect, at all times. This doesn’t mean that you need to be mean to your dog or yell at him. It just means not allowing him to gets his way with everything and behaving however he wants.

For instance, if you don’t want your dog to sleep on your bed, don’t allow it. If you need to walk down a hallway and your dog is in the way, don’t just step over or around him, insist he get’s up and moves out of your way. When feeding your dog get him to sit patiently and wait quietly while you are preparing his food.

These are just a few ways to get the message across that you are the “top dog”. My free ebook “How To Be The Alpha Dog” goes into this in more detail.

Tip Two – Don’t Accidentally Reinforce Bad or Aggressive Behavior

Many times owners will accidentally reinforce unwanted aggressive behavior without even knowing it.

For example, when someone knocks on your door and your dog starts barking, growling and carrying on, do you pick him up before you open the door? Do you get upset or make a fuss about all the noise your dog is making as you answer the door? Maybe you pat your dog and try to calm him down with a soothing voice? All of this is reinforcing negative behavior.

Don’t ignore any aggressive behavior either. Your Chihuahua is small so unlike large dogs its easy to just pick them up, rather than deal with or check their aggression properly.

All dog owners need to learn how to deal with canine aggression, and bring it under control quickly. Your Chihuahua might not seem like much of a threat to anyone but despite his size he can still bite very hard and cause quite a bit of damage if he wants to.

Tip Three – Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Socialization

Neglecting to expose dogs to many different social situations when they are puppies is a big mistake as they can grow up feeling scared, frustrated and unsure around other dogs, animals and people.

The process of socialization should be kicked off when they are young. Take your puppy with you wherever you go, even if it’s just a quick trip down the road.

Don’t take a very young puppy where there is a lot of noise or huge crowds. A quiet park is ideal to start off with. Let people pat your puppy, but do not allow small children that are noisy and excited to crowd around and frighten your young pup.

These three tips for dealing with Chihuahua aggression will help, but put them into action as soon as possible, before your dog hurts someone!