Chihuahua Marking – 5 Effective Techniques

Chihuahua Scent MarkingIs your Chihuahua marking its territory, spraying your furniture and lifting its leg up on anything that doesn’t move? This is classical behavior to stake their territory, communicate their gender and show their dominance.

It usually is not much of a problem if they are doing this outside the house, but if it’s inside you will never truly be at peace in your home.

This article will show you five very effective techniques to help stop scent marking in the home, once and for all. The quicker you learn the following techniques and put them into action, the sooner your house will be clean and clear once again.

Before you begin any training to stop marking you need to be aware that certain medical conditions can cause inappropriate urination so its best to have your dog vet checked first.

Technique One – Neutering

If you have a male dog that is showing signs of territorial marking and/or aggressive behavior towards animals and people, you must get it neutered. This is a simple, quick procedure that can resolve many unwanted dog behavioral problems. While its a lot less common, female dogs also scent mark.

Spaying your female Chihuahua or neutering if it is a male will go a long way towards helping you get marking under control for when they are indoors, and the earlier you have this done the better. If you have a puppy your vet will advise you about the right age for this procedure.

However, de-sexed or not, don’t expect them not to spray when outdoors. My 17 year old girl still lifts her leg every 5 minutes when out on walks, but she’s never shown any inclination to do so indoors.

Technique Two – Use Loud Sounds

Anytime you catch your dog lifting its leg in the house make a loud noise to scare and jolt it out of what it was about to do. You can clap your hands loudly, blow a whistle, or say “no” in a very stern voice.

It doesn’t matter how you produce the loud noise, just as long as it works to quickly interrupt what they’re doing and distract them from the act of spraying.

Take your dog outside quickly and do so without saying anything else, fussing, or getting angry. If its been a long term habit you may need to do this many times before your Chi understands that marking indoors is no longer acceptable.

Technique Three – Be “Mr” Or “Mrs” Dominant

Many dogs will mark their territory and spray to try to show everyone who is dominant in the family. You need to step up and display to them that you’re the dominant person in the house, not them.

You can show your dominance and let your Chihuahua know who is boss quite easily. For instance, don’t let them sleep on your bed, stop them from jumping up on people or licking their faces, and don’t let them whine and get their way with everything.

Once your Chihuahua acknowledges that you are in charge, scent marking due to dominance issues should disappear.

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Technique Four – Constant Supervision

While you are training your dog not to spray, it’s important to keep them under constant supervision. If you leave them unsupervised they can continue to repeat this behavior without your knowledge. The more they do it, the more it becomes a habit, which can be difficult to break.

If you cannot supervise them, place them either in a crate or outside the house. When your dog starts to show signs that they can be trusted not to spray once you are not around, you can gradually allow them more free time. But until then keep a very watchful eye on them.

Technique Five – Clean Up Correctly

Use a black light to highlight all the places around the house where your dog has urinated. This type of light source will reveal where your Chihuahua has sprayed.

Once you’ve found the spots it’s time to clean up using the correct cleaning agents. Avoid ammonia as it can smell similar to urine. Also make sure to completely remove all traces of urine otherwise your dog will continue to mark the same spot.

Start using these five effective tips today and you will soon discover that the problem of your Chihuahua marking everything in the home will be a thing of the past.