Stop Your Jack Russell Jumping On People and Counter Tops

Jack Russell jumping takes the word “jump” to a whole other level. When I brought my first Jack Russell home she would happily greet people by jumping up on them, tail wagging and all.

However, I soon put a stop to this. I will let you know how but first, lets take a look at some of the reasons why you should teach your Jack Russell Terrier not to jump up.

Your Jack Russell is not a large dog, but he can still frighten or knock over a small child, or even an adult, if he lunges at them unexpectedly.

Also, while I don’t think that all dogs that jump up on people do so because they are displaying dominance over them, I do believe this is a good reason not to encourage it.

The truth is that if you haven’t been able to do anything about your JRT jumping on people, or tables, furniture and counter tops etc, then your dog could already believe he is in charge. If this is the case, allowing him to jump up only strengthens his belief that he is the alpha dog, and leader of his human “pack.”

Jumping Up On Counter Tops

You might not think that your Jack Russell jumping up on the counter would do much harm, but it can actually be life threatening for him. Chemicals, chocolate and cooked bones are things that we often leave on our counter tops, and any of these things can be deadly to our dogs if they ingest them.

How to Get your Jack Russell to Stop Jumping On People

When your Jack Russell Terrier starts to jump on you, say a firm “no”, then put your knee up straight in a way that it hits your dog’s chest but doesn’t hurt him.  It’s a deterrent but do be sure you don’t hurt your dog.

Next, have one of your friends or a family member do the same thing.  After doing this exercise with your dog several times all you will need to say is “no” and your dog will stop.

It might take him a day, a week or a bit longer to get the idea and stop altogether but remember, its a habit that he has developed. Habits can be broken, but need time.

How To Stop Your Jack Russell Jumping On The Counter
Jack Russell On Table
If your Jack Russell only jumps up on the counter top once you have left the room you can try setting a small trap. Its one that will scare, but not harm him. You must stay out of sight but nearby after you have set this up.

Collect a few empty soda cans. Place a couple of coins or small stones in each one and seal the holes with tape. With light cotton string tie the cans onto a good sized tasty treat and place the treat near the edge of the counter.

The cans should be laid flat and to the back of the counter so your dog doesn’t notice them when he jumps up.

When he steals the treat the cans will fly forward and fall around him making a racket that will give him a fright. He will drop the food and run off, but he wont be hurt.

Ignore him! Don’t fuss over him or the mess. He will return, so you need to quickly and quietly remove all traces of food, leave the room and act as if nothing had happened.

If your Jack Russell jumps up on the counter or table while you are still present, then that is a different problem. He obviously believes he doesn’t need to listen to you. You will need to learn how to command your dogs respect and become the alpha dog leader of your “pack.” Once your dog knows you are the alpha dog he will listen to you and obey you, always.

To learn more about alpha dog leadership and get further help with your Jack Russell jumping problems I highly recommend Ray Colero’s online dog training guide, Dog Training Secrets.