How To Stop Your Shih Tzu Barking Excessively

Shih Tzu BarkingIs your Shih Tzu barking too much? If so, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Shih Tzus are less inclined to be yappy in comparison to most other small breeds of dogs, so if your Shih Tzu has just recently started barking a lot, or if he has had a barking problem for some time, you should take it seriously.

There’s probably a very good reason for it.

Read through the following to learn the most common reasons for excessive barking in Shih Tzus and find out what steps you can take to put a stop to it, for good!

There are important characteristics to understand about your Shih Tzu’s personality and nature. They have been bred as companion dogs for centuries so companionship is this breed’s highest desire.

Leaving a Shih Tzu outside and alone all day is just not an option. Of course, many dog owners have no choice but to leave their pets alone for many hours every day, but providing your Shih Tzu with a safe and cozy space inside your home is a better alternative.

If you do this your Shih Tzu will feel more secure, and his or her barking should decrease as a result. You also have to keep in mind that Shih Tzu’s are sensitive to extreme temperatures and have a hard time staying outside for long periods in very hot or cold weather.

This alone would be enough to make a Shih Tzu complain, and quite understandably so too.

Pent up energy has to be released somehow, and often barking is the only way. Walk your dog every day for at least half an hour, twice a day is even better.

If you don’t have time, hiring a dog walker could be a solution. If you are away from home all day, arrange with the dog walker to take your dog out in the middle of the day.

This will break up the day beautifully for your Shih Tzu, give him the exercise he needs, and help if his barking is due to loneliness. Many owners put their dogs in doggy day care facilities during the week.

You simply drop your dog off in the morning and pick it up after work. Your Shih Tzu will be very tired, but happy, and not at all interested in barking when he gets home.

While this is a more expensive option, Shih Tzu’s social and gentle natures make them excellent candidates for doggie daycare. Even taking your pet once a week can help improve problem barking due to lack of exercise, but you will still need to walk your Shih Tzu on the days he doesn’t go to daycare.

Barking From Sheer Boredom

A Shih Tzu that barks excessively may also be bored. Make sure you are walking your pet every day or providing some form of exercise on a regular basis.

Since this is a small breed, a ball can even be thrown indoors for exercise. This is an easy way to exercise your dog while doing another activity, like watching television.

There are also special dog toys you can buy that are made of hard plastic, and have holes in them that can be stuffed with treats. If you buy several of these and place them around your home, your Shih Tzu will be kept busy seeking them out, and once he does it will take him ages to get the treat out of the hole.

Are You Reinforcing Your Shih Tzu’s Excessive Barking?

Avoid falling into the trap of paying attention to your dog only when he is misbehaving! This is a common mistake that many pet owners make.

Your Shih Tzu may be getting “rewarded” for the bad behavior of barking if that is the only time he has your attention. If your dog is sitting quietly, reward him with some extra love and attention, and a small treat also goes a long way in reinforcing good behavior.

A Shih Tzu barking excessively is saying that something is wrong in his world. All you have to do is find out what that is and make the necessary changes.

Your Shih Tzu will be happier and healthier for it and will no longer have any reason to complain.