Is Your Jack Russell Chewing Excessively?

Jack Russell ChewingAre you tired of finding your Jack Russell chewing up the hose, stolen socks, newspapers, pot plants and much more, every single day!

Maybe your JRT has more expensive tastes? Furniture, shoes, drapes? His chewing has the potential to cost you a fortune, and, if he swallows something that causes a blockage, the vet bill would be enormous!

If allowed to continue you might as well just hand over your wallet now and let your Jack Russell Terrier (terror) chew on that. Fortunately it is a problem that can be resolved, when you know how.

If its a puppy that’s chewing then this is normal. Puppies chew because their new teeth are growing in. The teething process is the same for babies. The gums swell and bleed as the adult teeth try to break through the gums. The puppies are in pain and to relieve the pain, they chew.

Unfortunately, puppies can’t tell the difference between your $300 pair of Prada shoes and your old, worn-out pair of sneakers that you were about to discard.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

The first thing you need to do is puppy-proof your home. That means, put away all electrical wires and cords. Place all your shoes in your closet (and lock the door). Any objects that can be swallowed should be put up on a high shelf.

Keep Your Puppy Contained

The second preventative measure is to keep your puppy confined to an area when he first comes home.

You need to be able to keep an eye on your puppy because in addition to his unwanted chewing on objects, you’ll need to see when he has to go potty. By confining him to a certain area with dog chew toys, you’ll keep him occupied and safe.

Meaty Ice Cubes For Teething Puppies

With puppies I freeze large slices of raw chicken or beef and offer those to little ones that are teething. Some people prefer not to feed raw meat to their dogs so as an alternative you can freeze long strips of cooked meat.

Gnawing on hard frozen food brings relief to teething puppies, and they enjoy it enormously.

How To Stop Chewing In Older Dogs
Jack Russell With Ball
If you have an older Jack Russell chewing on things excessively it could be that your dog is bored, anxious or both. They will chew through their crates, fences, or anything, all in a desperate attempt to relieve pent up energy or any stress they are feeling. This can be remedied as well.

Again, if you dont want to feed your dog raw meat, try offering hard plastic toys with holes in them, the ones that are made especially for dogs. You can find them in your local pet store.

Fill the hole with peanut butter or your dogs favorite treats. A bored or stressed dog will be kept occupied and stress free for ages trying to get to the food in the hole.

Exercise is very important. Take him for a long walk at least once a day, twice if possible.  It will tire him out and make him feel more like resting than chewing.

Never Punish Him For Chewing

There’s always a very good reason behind a dog that chews excessively, so never punish him for it.  Try to find out why and be patient while you come up with a solution.